sustainability ♲

The textile industry has a huge environmental impact. Millions of garments are discarded or improperly disposed of each year. According to the BBC (click for more information), the fashion industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions and 20% of water waste! Although we cannot claim to be 100 percent sustainable, it is part of our brand initiative to actively work toward achieving maximum sustainability both within the brand and in our personal lives.

We make it a priority to use only high-quality Brazilian fabric. We use both FLUITY (CO2)® and LIGHT (CO2)® lycra which features Amni Soul Eco® (click for more information) technology, the world's first polyamide nylon 6.6 fiber that is 100 % biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. When placed in a landfill, this technology allows the textile to decompose quickly, thereby promoting the preservation of green spaces. Not to worry, your swimwear will not decompose in your cabinet! Amni Soul Eco® also promotes energy and water efficiency because polyester derivatives use less energy and water than traditional fabrics.

Our most popular fabric is the LIGHT (CO2)®, which has a light compression that highlights your best assets. FLUITY (CO2)® is our lightest and thinnest fabric, giving you that ultra-second-skin feel that you'll be seeing more of from the brand. Both offer UV50+ sun protection and are free of harmful chemicals found in textile production (OEKO-Tex® 100 Class I Certified).

Thank you for joining us on our quest to create timeless, long-lasting garments that can be passed down through generations.



PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Approved Vegan
Our manufacturing process is 100% animal-free. 

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified
An international standard that tests for and guarantees protection against harmful substances in textile production.

UV50+ Protection
Fabric with +50 UVA | UVB Sun Protection. Thanks to Amni® UV Protection Technology Fabric

Small Business Support
We make every effort to source materials from other small and/or local businesses that share our values whenever possible 

Packaging with a conscience:
• Our hang tags are made entirely of recycled paper. Each tag contains a blend of flower seeds that can be planted (see "How to Plant Your Hangtag'' below for more information).
• Our labels are made of cotton, a natural material that does not harm the environment.
• Our mailers are made from 100% recycled content and 90% post-consumer waste. Although naturally biodegradable, recycling is advised.
• To reduce our reliance on paper products, your order details are only available electronically - via email and under your account history.



  1. Remove sticker label
  2. Place the tag in soil and cover with a thin layer of soil (approx. 1 cm)
  3. Take care of your newly planted tag and water it every day. Don't let it go dry.
  4. Be patient. Your tag needs 7 to 21 days to grow.